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Tops Nadine, hotel Voyage Bodrum Thanks very much


Via deze weg willen we jullie erg hard bedanken voor de goede zorgen die jullie hebben gegeven.

Dankzij jullie dokters,verplegers,al het andere personeel en vooral de nederlandstalige mevrouw voelden we ons meer dan comfortabel in

Clinic International. We bedanken jullie hiervoor,en willen we ook nog meegeven dat we onze reis hebben voortgezet naar Kos.

Ondertussen zijn we terug thuis en daarom dit mailtje.

Nogmaals bedankt,

Nadine Tops,

Ik was bij jullie van 29/05 tot 30/05/2013.

Dear Dr. Ozgur and all your wonderful staff ...

At first: I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write this....
I want to thank you and your staff for the care I received during my recent stay at Clinic International. Thank you for all you do. It means a lot. You guys do a lot for so many. I dont know where I would be without your great help.

I especially want to thank Dr Omur- one of the sweetest and friendliest doctor-, Nurse Duygu ( my angel) and her fiancé Mehmet, Ebru, Baris , Bulent and Steve. But I never met a doctor in my life like Dr. Ali, that has shown so much compassion for his patient as he did for me! I have to tell that every single one of them gave me excellent care/ attention/ emotional support! My stay in the hospital was a bit more tolerable because of your excellent and very profesisional care ! We need a Clinic International in every town.

Also, a big thank you to the drivers of the buses. They were very polite caring of their passengers.

Thank you all much more than I can ever express !

with Kind Regards
Leyla Karnaz ( Holland )

Met vriendelijke groet,

Dear Clinic-international staff,

Today I visited an eye specialist in The Netherlands. Everything was ok. No problems with the cornea, eye-pressure and sight.

My specialist complimented you with your great care and professional treatment. She said: “you were treated better and more efficient than you would have been in The Netherlands”.

Greetings to the medical team, dr. Ömür aydoğan, Laverne Costello Clarke and my personal “Florence Nightengale’ (the stunning blonde ;-)).

The last two have made my stay in your clinic very comfortable. Mr. Clarke supplied me with a WiFi-code, so I could talk to my family with LiveView and could find some information about the herpes-zoster-virus.

Thank you very much! You were great!

Dear doctor,

I'll like to thank you for the marvellous care!!!
Now, at home, I realise how gratefull I am to meet you at the moment I was afraid, miserable, sick and lonely!
Except y'are a friend of Octay, I even know your name and I never ask about....
Congratulations for the hole team, everybody was friendly, kind and helpfull in the clinic.

With kind regards,
Mieke Demandt

Sehr geehrte Frau Doktor,

Für Ihre Hilfe und für kollegiale Gastfreundschaft möchte ich mich sehr bedanken.
Meinem Ohr geht es schon wieder sehr gut, dank Ihre Spülung und der ohrtropfen
Danke, Dr.A. Oppermann und Familie


I want to thank you for the professional approach. On the day of surgery I had abirthday (26 may), and Mrs. aid was for me the greatest gift. I am glad that with my teeth is all good. Thank you also for help in settling the matter with the insurance company. MyEnglish, unfortunately, did not allow for efficient communication with you. I am writing to you this e-mail with the help of my son. Thank you again.

Tom Szymański

Dear Dr Levent,

First of all, thank you very much indeed for all your care in Bodrum. It really did make an enormous difference to be able to talk to someone who could explain what was happening and what he was doing (and why) so clearly.

Very many thanks again, and best wishes from us both,
John Prag.

Hi Ozgur,

This is a small taken of our gratitude, just to say !thank you! For all you did for us a few moths ago. Nel is doing fine, and her wrist is completely healed. The doctors in Holland were very happy with the treatment you and the surgeon did. Hope everything fine with you, too.

Thanks very much again, and maybe see you,
Ingrid and Nel (Holland)

Dr Ozgur Bayindir and staff,

Thank you for your kindness . It was such a lovely thought you'll never know the special joy and happiness it brought. Thank you so much for your kind and good help in your treatment of my condition.

Tessakur ederim,
Chris (England)

Dear Doctors,

Thank you for the quick, gentle and thoroughly help you gave me yesterday evening. I feel much better now

Elvina (Holland)

Dear Dr. Bayındır,

I wished to thank you for the excellent care you provided to my mother. I understand she developed renal colic secondary to an impacted kidney stone while vacationing near Bodrum a few weeks ago. She appeared to respond rapidly to your care, which I suspect consisted of fluids and analgesia. In fact, she ended up having a wonderful vacation, something that would seem unlikely if complicated by a kidney stone!

Thanks therefore, for your wondeful attention and care.

Kindest Regards,
Derek Angus
Professor and Vice Chair, Critical Care Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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